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Coal Oil Johnny

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July 6, 2016
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July 6, 2016

Coal Oil Johnny

C oal Oil Johnny personifies what the whole country learned from the Pennsylvania oil boom,” said Brian Black, a historian at Pennsylvania State, who wrote the book Petrolia.
A fundamental part of the appeal of the Coal Oil Johnny story is that he inherited and lost a huge fortune — and yet he didn’t go crazy or do anything terrible. Instead, he reconnected with his family and ended up living a regular, content life in Nebraska.

The first oil boom is over, but the story of Coal Oil Johnny is universal and applies to a variety of situations including the new boom in shale oil and gas. From Johnny’s story, you will learn about:• Redemption • Change • BalanceIt is time to learn, be inspired and entertained by the lesson of the prodigal, Coal Oil Johnny before making the same mistakes all over again.The newly reprinted “Coal Oil Johnny His Book” is available here from Bob Cannon, (Johnny’s first cousin , four generations removed). You will also find quotes taken from the book on a variety of subjects. Scroll down the page and find your favorite Coal Oil Johnny quote.

C oal Oil Johnny On Liquor:
  • intoxication develops strange characteristics in individuals.
  • Liquor can make a man sell his soul to the devil quicker than anything else on earth, and certainly at this time mine was going devil-ward as fast as it could.
  • Prospectors came and went, waded in mud, slept in mud, ate mud, and drank — well, everything and anything except water.
  • I was so much elated over it that I invited him to a continuous performance at the bar.
  • Johnny’s advice: Drink Water!
  • On Money:
    • as it seemed to be the custom of the people along the creek to lose their money, I intended to have some fun with mine before it all got away. And I did; although, to be truthful, I closely resembled a shorn lamb when I had finished.
    • I found it was a good deal easier to lend money than to get it back.
    • many hundreds of people, believing I was animated with a sincere desire to part from my money, offered their services as separators, and I received enough proposals of marriage to have caused the most pronounced Mormon to drop dead from joy.
    On Negative Influences:
    • There were also adventurers hanging-around, who looked upon me at all times as a lamb well worth shearing.
    • I was not sufficiently acute to detect the reason or to pick out the sycophants.
    • A devil always creeps into every man’s life in some way or other.
    • Troubles, they say, never come singly, and when they started on me they seemed to flock.
    On Reputation:
    • While the original role of “Coal-Oil Johnny” was played by me, to have acted it in all the comedies, and possibly tragedies, in which that was the star part, would have required me to project myself into a dozen or more places at the same time.
    • I was never accused of laziness, not even in spending money in later years.
    • And so I might have always lived a quiet, homely life, and been always a respected tiller of the soil, had not a Yankee by the name of Drake drilled a hole in the ground up near Titusville, and released such a fountain of oily wealth that it started excursions of fortune-seekers from all over Christendom to our quiet and peaceful valley.
    On Sport:
    • In fact, men have been known to swear while playing billiards who would not swear at their wives.
    • in one of our fits of idiocy we decided that two young men of our tendencies should branch out into the horse-racing business.
    On Oil:
    • And use it the white man did, especially if he were a resident along the creek, for all the ills that flesh is heir to, and took the fluid internally, externally, and eternally.
    On Success:
    • To succeed when the world is with you is one thing; to succeed when it is against you is a different matter.