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TAKING AIM for Better Decision-Making

Masterpieces in Health Care Leadership
July 6, 2016

Taking Aim

D ecision-making is the basis of everything we do. There is no endeavor that we undertake which does not begin with a decision. Nothing happens until there is a decision, yet how much do we really know about the process
How good are we at decision-making?
How many decisions did you make last year?
Last week?
What percentage of your decisions were successful? How do you know?
How many were bad and what did it cost you?
How may of you have people working for you making decisions everyday?
What is their success rate? How do you know?
What is that costing you?
We are expending a tremendous amount of time and money measuring the output of our manufacturing processes in an effort to achieve a quality level of Six Sigma or 99.9% product within specification. In spite of that, we have a decision-making process that according to research at Ohio State reveals only a 50% success rate.
To make matters worse, Teradata in their Fourth Annual Survey of Senior Executives revealed that there has been an "explosion in data and decision-making," that is here to stay. The stakes are high with the top casualties of poor decision-making being profits, company reputation, long-term growth, customer service, morale, productivity, and revenue.
Instant 24/7 access via cell phones and the internet are making decision-making even more challenging.
Given that decision fail half of the time, if you do what you have always done, you will not get what you always got. It will be much worse. Start Taking Aim for Better Decision-Making and give your organization a competitive advantage.

Mark LeBlanc

Author of “Growing Your Business”

Bob Cannon has captured the essence of leadership in this special book. The best piece of advice I can give you is to devour this book. Buy one for each of your managers, and use it to spark ideas, and discussions. Better yet, bring Bob in and watch his process unfold and the strategies and ideas come to life.