Robert Cannon

Bob is an escapee from the corporate world having spent over 30 years in a successful career that took him from the production line to the boardroom and from Athletic equipment to Zippers. Now, he uses that experience to enhance performance and profitability for his clients.

Bob’s bio

B ob has a long track record of business success resulting from merging marketing and leadership to achieve new levels of performance. He is a strategic thinker who is not afraid to break new ground as he did when he initiated the Channellock Motorsports program that won championships in the NASCAR Busch Series and the World of Outlaws Series while increasing unit sales by 60%. He is the author of “Taking Aim for Better Decision-Making”, “Guide to the U.S. Hardware Market” and chapter author of “Masterpieces in Health Care Leadership”.

He has also been a featured speaker at industry conferences and has had articles published in a variety of trade magazines.He holds a Bachelors and a Masters degree in business and he has been awarded the internationally recognized designation of Certified Management Consultant (CMC), a designation held by fewer than 1% of all active professional consultants in the United States.

Go with me back to the late fall in Boston in 1775. The campaign season fighting the British has come to an end and the American Army under George Washington is in an ambiguous situation. Washington and the American army were dispersed controlling every land approach into the city.

The British held the harbor and Boston proper. They had fortified every place that seemed important to the defense of the city. They planned, hesitated and settled down to await developments. It was a stalemate.

Washington needed to find a competitive advantage if he was to achieve success.

Washington saw a weakness in the British plan and knew that Dorchester Heights was the key to controlling Boston. Whoever controlled the heights and positioned cannon there could command the harbor and the city. There was just one little problem. Washington had no cannon except some minor field-pieces. He couldn’t take the heights because he couldn’t hold it without cannon and he didn’t want to point out the advantage to the British. Washington’s only hope was in getting cannon up there first.

Washington enlisted the aid of the dependable former bookseller Henry Knox to go to Fort Ticonderoga where a good many cannon had been captured intact. His job was to bring them back to Boston. Upon reaching the fort on the evening of December 5, 1775, Knox found some 59 guns weighing in at 119,900 pounds with some of the largest weighing up to 5000 pounds each. The very next day he began the process of moving the guns.

For three months, Knox moved the cannon over land, down rivers, across lakes, over hills and crossed the Hudson River multiple times. He had to wait for snow so that he could use sleds to transport the guns. He had to wait for the river to freeze over so they could make the crossings. He had to arrange for men, boats, 42 sleds and 80 yoke of oxen to transport the guns. As the cattle tired, they had to be replaced along the way.

Knox and the cannon finally arrived in Boston and on the night of March 4, 1776, while the British slept, the cannon were moved into place . Once in place the defensive preparations were begun. When the British awoke, they could see the men and guns on the heights. British General Howe ordered Lord Percy and 2400 men to take the heights. But heavy rain with strong winds made landing troops and mounting an attack impossible. The storm held the British at bay for two days while the Americans worked throughout the storm to improve their defenses.

When the storm broke it was obvious to the British that an attack on the heights was useless. Howe realized his position was indefensible from the cannon and evacuated the city without a shot being fired.

Washington’s cannon advantage provided a great victory. Four months later the Declaration Of Independence was signed in no small part because of the energy and inspiration that came from this victory.

When you need a marketing victory, remember the Cannon Advantage and contact us.